Paul R. Gary

Paul R. Gary, an Illinois native, graduated from Northwestern University in 1973 with a degree in Political Science. Mr. Gary received his law degree in 1976 from Northwestern University. He is the principal attorney with the firm and is a member of the Illinois State Bar, the Oregon State Bar, and the Washington State Bar.

Mr. Gary focuses on the management of legal issues in the window and door industry and the related defense of construction defect and product litigation. He has been involved in the defense of several hundred window and door related product claims, including class action litigation. From this, the firm has also developed an expertise in the creation of legal defense strategies, documentation, and "best practices" systems to protect manufacturers and re-sellers of fenestration products, as well as insurance coverage matters related to fenestration product claims.

Mr. Gary has been a repeated speaker and contributing author for the fenestration and related products industry, including Window and Door, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, GANA and NW Builder Magazine. He is currently working with the AAMA Forensic Task Group on liability-related matters.

Mr. Gary regularly assists local counsel with respect to the legal issues presented by the business of manufacturing and selling windows and doors, including litigation strategy and management. Paul Gary works with manufacturers and distributors to minimize legal risks before litigation occurs and to evaluate serious existing claims.