Insurance Matters in the event of a potential loss. For this reason, insurance is among the most important and difficult intangible assets for a business to manage. It seems that much of the “die has already been cast” by the decisions made with respect to policy selection and structure with respect to coverage, limits and policyholder retention.

Yet, it can be difficult to understand the scope of coverage protection, particularly with respect to general liability insurance. Differing factual situations support remarkably different results. When faced with liability the claim, the answer to the question: ‘What’s covered?’ is critical for development of a sound strategy with respect to management of the costs of defense and any ultimate settlement or adjudication.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable of insurance contract provisions, statutory law and judicial precedent. We provide insurance coverage analysis for window and door manufacturers, as well as resellers. The Gary Law Group has been regularly been involved with the policyholders in the fenestration industry seeking to obtain all valid protection. The facts count; and, we understand the facts applicable to fenestration product claims as they relate to liability coverage. We have worked with the forms, exclusions, and endorsements that businesses need to evaluate to protect themselves. Our attorneys assist businesses in obtaining the applicable coverage to protect against claims.

The Gary Law Group will help equalize the imbalance of knowledge that commonly exists between insurer and insured. To get what you deserve, you need to know what you deserve.