“Cornerstone” is the concept that comes to mind … The product warranty is a cornerstone supporting your products in the marketplace.

A good warranty is the one that is right for you. It will be the result of critical business choices and a sound strategy to address legal requirements. Does your company receive project specifications? Do you sell through commercial intermediaries or direct to consumer? Properly composed and communicated, the product warranty is the most effective tool for balancing the rights and obligations of manufacturer, re-seller and consumer with respect to the windows and doors sold. The terms of such written warranties are respected throughout the U.S.

But, the target moves. It is unavoidable that company goals, market requirements and legal demands shift over time. Businesses need to remain well-advised with up-to-date knowledge of the broad spectrum of issues surrounding warranties, especially as growth or markets shift. Our attorneys have acquired extensive legal and business experience drafting and applying warranties for the window and door industry. Gary Law Group “real world” experience is critical for knowing the terms a business should consider and how those terms can be enforced.

Our attorneys not only assist in the creation of effective warranties that become an enforceable component of a business’s legal package, we also know how to use a warranty’s terms, rights, and remedies as a critical tool for avoiding and addressing claims. Because we know the industry, we have enjoyed the opportunity to work with business of all sizes around the country to troubleshoot and resolve problems with regard to the drafting, communication and enforcement of warranties.

This is one of the ways we help business adopt ‘Best Practices’ that both support customer satisfaction and minimize the risk and cost of litigation.