“You Are Commanded to Appear and Defend …” This is the traditional greeting of a Summons to the Court in which you have been sued. It is the first formal notice of litigation and, assuming jurisdiction is proper, the service of a Summons represents a requirement that the company appear in that Court to begin the process of defending itself. A lawsuit is a formal claim. You need to be keenly interested in the course of its development or you will pay for it.

At the same time, a lawsuit is not the only type of claim which is brought upon manufacturers and re-sellers. In fact, many lawsuits are the end result of an inability to resolve a dispute which was presented months before litigation is filed.

Gary Law Group attorneys use their experience with litigation within the industry to promptly direct investigation and provide evaluation of claims which arise. Sometimes called “hot jobs,” disputes which intensify without resolution require a strategy for response which incorporates company vales, customer relationships, as well as foreseeable legal risk. We have likely dealt with the situation before. The “best” response to disputes should place the client in a position that maximizes the opportunity for resolution and is beneficial in the event of unavoidable ensuing litigation. The goals are not mutually exclusive.

At times, the Summons and Complaint represent the first notice a problem. In that situation our people will strive to identify strategies to resuscitate the opportunities lost by lack of prior notice. At the same time, we plan short and longer term goals for resolution in accordance with company direction. We understand and employ the defenses available while seeking to maintain business relationships.

U.S. manufacturer know product claims happen. The Gary Law Group knows fenestration product claims from certification and specification issues through traditional in-field performance allegations. We work across the United States with locally admitted counsel to deliver pointed and effective representation.