Why the Routine Can Matter Most

Day-to-day business has to be run through routine practices.

There can be exceptions, but employee and thus company productivity require a set method of action to respond to a variety of business needs. The very ability of the market to depend on You rests upon the consistency and predictability that come from company standard practices.

Form the legal standpoint, these practices establish Who You Are and are often the best evidence of What You Did during a time that is later disputed.When it comes to business practices you are Doing it Anyway – Why Not Do it Right? A sample of affected areas includes:

Product Development - Document a thoughtful process for Design, Material Selection, Durability, Certification

Manufacturing/Quality Control - Process and Documentation

Marketing - Concise Representations and Plan for Distribution

Product Information - Certifications, Specification Sheets, Engineering change notices, Instructions, Labels

Sales - Distributor/Dealer agreements, Quotes, Terms and Conditions

Customer Service - Telephone Triage, Directed Communication, Warranty application

Field Service - Training, representations, documentation